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Take this quiz with a loved one and compare your answers. It is interesting to see what others notice about how well you hear.


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Take our hearing quiz

  • Do friends or family complain that you listen to the T.V. or radio too loud?

  • Does it seem as though people mumble more than they used to?

  • Do you have difficulty hearing people who speak in a soft voice?

  • Do you find that you are asking people to repeat things they’ve said more often?

  • Do you find it difficult to hear your companions in a restaurant?

  • Do misheard conversations cause arguments with family members?

  • Do you feel frustrated or left out at family or group gatherings?

  • Do you have difficulty understanding telephone conversations?

  • Does difficulty hearing cause you to feel embarrassed when you meet new people?

  • Do you feel your hearing problem has limited and hampered your personal, professional or social life?

  • Do you have difficulty following conversations when visiting friends, relatives or neighbors?

  • Do you find it exhausting or frustrating to attend group meetings, social gatherings, movies, etc.?

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Yes answers:


0 – 3  =  You are probably still within the “normal” hearing range, but you should     have your hearing checked once a year to keep track of any changes.

4 – 7  = You may be experiencing some hearing loss; you may hear but not understand when people are speaking. The earlier you begin treatment of a hearing loss the more

successful your hearing rehabilitation is likely to be. Make an appointment to have a complete hearing evaluation so you know for sure.

8 – 10  =  You may have a significant loss of hearing; you may find that it is tiring to follow conversations (specifically if there is background noise). The loss of hearing can cause frustration & anxiety for you & your family. A complete hearing evaluation can help answer questions and alleviate concerns you may have.